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Dr. Eric Kuo and his staff want to help you get the beautiful smile you've always wanted.  As one of the first offices in the Bay Area to offer Invisalign® treatment and with over 20 years of experience since 1999, we are committed to excellence in orthodontic care so that you can experience the benefits of a healthy, wonderful smile using clear and comfortable aligners designed for optimal patient esthetics and comfort.

For teens, kids, and adults with complex orthodontic problems, we can also offer a combination of traditional orthodontic treatment with Invisalign® aligners, for better esthetics and comfort than just traditional orthodontic correction devices alone.


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Crowded Teeth

Crooked or overlapped teeth, which are more difficult to clean in between.



Top teeth that are behind the bottom teeth instead of being in front, which can lead to worn-down edges and other functional problems.



Top teeth over-closed with the bottom teeth, which can lead to significant wear of the edges of the teeth, along with a suboptimal smile.

Spacing Between Teeth


Gaps that show when you smile, or spaces in between the teeth that trap food when you eat.

Cosmetic Concerns


Teeth with worn edges, discoloration, or improper shapes, which may require coordination with a cosmetic dentist for enhancements and optimal esthetics.

Protruded Teeth


Top teeth sticking forward and out, which prevents the lips from closing over them, and also have a higher risk for trauma because of their prominence.


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As far as treatment itself goes, let's be honest - nobody enjoys it. But if I had to do it again, I'd pick Dr. Kuo in a heartbeat. No one can make it so nearly enjoyable.

Greg A. (on Yelp)

 If you want to have the best quality Invisalign done go to Dr. Kuo, he will make your teeth look the best that they can look. I have no doubts about that! He knows what he's doing!

Esther N. (on Yelp)

A fantastic experience! Highest quality work, professionalism and a wonderful personality. Every time everything goes easy and the results are obvious.  I probably had a total of about 1/2 inch in gaps between my teeth, now about half way through its down to about an 1/8".

Dmitry A. (on Yelp)



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